About Feet2Beat…

Eager to Get Fit? Improve Performance? Running Times? Then Feet2Beat is for you!

Feet2Beat gives you:

♥ Better Overall Fitness ♥ ♥ Enhanced Motivation ♥ ♥ Faster Running Times ♥ 

♥ Greater Confidence ♥  Guaranteed Satisfaction   Improved Health 

Increased Muscle Tone ♥  Longer Life ♥  Natural Easy Weight Loss ♥ 

Peace of Mind ♥  Powerful Stamina ♥ ♥ Reachable Targets  

Steady-Rhythmic-Exercise ♥  Stronger Heart-Rate ♥  Winning Performances 

 Your Very Own Personal Pace-Maker

Feet2Beat tracks are ideal for any exercise activity that uses a beat. Our tracks cover three activity tempo levels of fitness, and can be purchased in the following BPM = (Beats Per Minute).

♥ Low-Tempo = 95-120 BPM. ♥

(Aerobics, Gym & Conditioning Workouts, Pilates, Running, Walking, Warm up / Warm down.)

♥ Mid-Tempo = 125-150 BPM. ♥

(Cycling, Fun Running, Gym & Conditioning Workouts, Keep Fit Classes, KickBoxing Training, Marathon Running, Step Aerobics, Treadmill Running.)

♥ High-Tempo = 155-180 BPM ♥

(Fell / Trail Running, Gym & Conditioning Workouts, Road Running, Track Running, Extreme Sports.)

Try the BPM range that best suits your speed of activity / workout.

All Feet2Beat tracks are supplied to you in Mp3 format and at this moment in time they come in standard lengths of 5 minutes and 15 minutes. All tracks contain a pre – BPM voice over telling you exactly what BPM the Mp3 track is in; this way you know exactly which BPM suits you and your exercises; and you can quickly find any Feet2Beat track in your playlist that you need to match to your particular exercise. All Mp3 tracks also contain audio minute markers to aid your activity time.

Don’t forget! If you feel bored, or have a lack of motivation when running or doing any activity exercise, all that will change when you listen to our Feet2Beat Mp3 tracks through your ear-phones or ear-pods etc.

For new customers only: In the highly unlikely event of you experiencing any disappointment and to make sure our Mp3 tracks are compatible with your Mp3 player, for your initial purchase we recommend  you purchase a single 5 minute track to test out on your Mp3 player.

Please check your order before commencing to the payment area of the PayPal website. No refunds can be given in error of track selection choices or after an order has been placed. When you are happy with your track selection, click the Check-out Button where you fill in your personal details, then click the Purchase Button where you will be taken to the PayPal payment area. Please note: if you are not a member of PayPal you can join and then pay for your tracks or pay straight away using a valid credit or debit card. (Please check your order before commencing to the payment area of the PayPal website as no refunds can be given in error of track selection choices or after an order has been placed). Once payment is authorised via PayPal you will be sent to the confirmation page which contains your download link(s). You will also receive a confirmation receipt email; this will also contain your download link(s). Please check your spam folder before contacting us in regards to any missing link(s). Please click the link(s) and your downloads will begin automatically. The link(s) will remain active for 24 hours from the time of purchase so it is important to make your download as soon as possible and within this time. In case of lost internet connection during your download you will be given 2 attempts to download each track you purchase.

If you have any questions? Please read our FAQs page to see if your question has been answered. Please use our contact page if you need further assistance. Thank you, for your support! Feet2Beat – Training Complete!